The Stealth Baseball Club is a privately funded non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The Stealth goal is to provide an affordable environment where youth athletes can play baseball at the highest competitive level. Stealth teams begin at 12U and continue through to 18U. 

The founding principal of the Stealth Baseball Organization is to provide youth and High School baseball players the ability to play the highest level of competitive baseball in the State of Florida.  What sets the Stealth Baseball Organization apart from most baseball programs is that it operates as a true non-profit organization enabling us to make baseball decisions based purely on the best and most sound decisions for our players rather than on business and finances.

Based out of Pompano Beach, Florida, Stealth Baseball has partnered with Highlands Christian Academy to provide a top notch home field for organizational tryouts and practices for more than 150 players.

Our Director of Baseball, Coach Bruce Charlebois, employs the best trainers and High School Coaches in South Florida and is on premises at our dedicated facility seven days a week.

We are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the Wallace Field House, a state of the art 5,000 square foot indoor facility, set to open in January of 2018. This will allow Coach Bruce to provide Stealth Organization players the best training opportunity and advantage aimed at helping them achieve success at the highest levels.

From the earliest of youth baseball through the High School years, the Stealth Baseball Organization is committed to “growing our boys up” with the Stealth Program.  Entering our seventh year in existence, our first group of “home grown” original Stealth players are now entering their Senior year of High School.  We are proud to assist in our mission to get ALL Stealth players into College to play baseball at the next level.  With a full-time Recruiting Coordinator, every Stealth player will have the best available access to the Colleges that match their need level.
Our Stealth Baseball Teams play in the most competitive Tournaments providing maximum exposure to all our players.  Although, we stress that winning is not the most important goal, we do understand that Tournament success is critical to exposure.  Therefore, our Stealth Teams are highly competitive at all levels.  Additionally, many Organizations shy away from some of the more expensive Tournaments as not cost effective.  Under the Stealth non-profit model, we look at these opportunities differently and afford our players these experiences.

ALL Stealth Tryouts are open to any player interested.  Please peruse our Stealth website and explore the opportunities we afford to our Stealth Players and Families.