The founding principal of the Stealth Baseball Organization is to provide youth and High School baseball players the ability to play the highest level of competitive baseball at the most affordable price in the State of Florida.  What sets the Stealth Baseball Organization apart from most baseball programs is that it operates as a true non-profit organization enabling us to make baseball decisions based purely on the best and most sound decisions for our players rather than on business and finances.

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Based out of Delray Beach, Florida, Stealth Baseball is the largest provider of Travel Baseball in Palm Beach County.  With more than 150 players, we employ the best trainers and High School Coaches in the County.  We employ more than a dozen full –time professional trainers and another dozen part – time coaches which are on staff at our dedicated facility seven days a week.


Our partnership with Elev8 Academy in Delray Beach allows us to provide our players training in the comfort of our own home training facility and fields.  All Stealth players receive vast opportunities aimed at helping them achieve success at the highest levels. Opportunities include:


  • Stealth-Elev8 Summer and Holiday Specialized Clinics at a fraction of the cost of ANY other clinic in Florida
  • Reduced tuition for Elev8 Academy; Multiple College Showcases at greatly reduced costs
  • Free tryouts
  • Community Service programs


From the earliest of youth baseball through the High School years, the Stealth Baseball Organization is committed to “growing our boys up” with the Stealth Program.  Entering our sixth year in existence, our first group of “home grown” original Stealth players are now entering their Sophomore and Junior years of High School.  We are proud to assist in our mission to get ALL Stealth players into College to play baseball at the next level.  With a full-time Recruiting Coordinator, every Stealth player will have the best available access to the Colleges that match their need level.


Our Stealth Baseball Teams play in the most competitive Tournaments providing maximum exposure to all our players.  Although, we stress that winning is not the most important goal, we do understand that Tournament success is critical to exposure.  Frankly put, the Organizations that are successful in Tournament play and go deep into the playoff rounds draw more attention to their players and Organization.  Therefore, our Stealth Teams are highly competitive at all levels.  In fact, unlike many other Organizations, multiple Stealth teams at every age group compete and succeed in many of the Showcase and National Tournaments.  This is largely due to the fact that we do not stack any one Summer Showcase team at the expense of the others.  Additionally, many Organizations shy away from some of the more expensive Tournaments as not cost effective.  Under the Stealth non-profit model, we look at these opportunities differently and afford our players these experiences.


ALL Stealth Tryouts are FREE to any player interested.  Please peruse our Stealth website and explore the opportunities we afford to our Stealth Players and Families.